Emergency Towing For A Classic Ride: A Guide


By all rights, your classic car is your prized asset. You have worked hard to make it maintain its original glory and probably have a lot of money invested in it. Therefore, taking your classic ride on a road trip can actually be a little unnerving. If something goes wrong and you have to be towed, it can make things even more nerve-wracking. Classic cars have a few extra considerations when it comes to towing them, so you are likely going to have a list of questions for the towing company in the unfortunate event that you need help. Here is a look at some of those questions. 

Should you request a flat-bed tow truck for a classic car?

Because your classic car may sit lower to the ground, you may be tempted to ask about having a flat-bed truck come to your rescue. However, it is actually harder to get a lot of classic cars onto the bed of a flat-bed truck than what it would be to have the car towed in a typical, pull-behind fashion. In order to get the car up onto the flat-bed, the front end can have to be raised up at a significant angle from the back, which can leave low-lying chassis components scraping the ground. 

Are the towing straps and chains going to cause damage?

Towing straps and towing chains are usually used to secure a vehicle to the back of a tow truck. You may be concerned that these rigid connectors are going to be too hard on your older-model vehicle, and in some cases, they can be. Classic cars are often more rigid and less flexible than a more modern vehicle, which means the securing straps should have a little more give than usual. To make sure your classic ride is not damaged by connecting mechanisms during an emergency tow, ask if the towing company has recovery straps, which are a little more flexible and will take some of the stress off of the towing process. 

Will your car be protected by insurance while it is being towed?

Any good emergency towing company is going to carry insurance that protects whatever vehicle is getting towed. Therefore, if some kind of damage does happen to your vehicle during the towing process, the damages will be covered by the company's liability insurance. Make sure you ask any towing company you contact for help about what type of insurance they carry. 


24 December 2018

Tips For Towing: Understanding How Your Car Affects It

The first time I had to have a vehicle towed, I was confused by why they asked me if the car was two or four-wheel drive. When the tow truck driver showed up, I asked him. He explained the difference in how the two types of vehicles were towed, then started telling me about some of the general best practices for safe towing. That's when I started to research the fundamentals and the tips for successful towing. I built this blog as an opportunity to chronicle everything that I learned, hoping that it will help others understand what type of tow truck they'll need for their vehicle.