Top 3 Questions To Ask Tow Truck Company


When car trouble strikes and you find yourself stranded on or off the road, it's easy to want to call just any tow truck company. In these moments, you may not do more than verify that the company is licensed and insured and maybe go through some online reviews. All this should be because you cannot afford not to do some due diligence. Here is a list of some more specific questions to ask the towing company.

11 October 2021

Tips On How To Stay Safe While Waiting For A Tow Truck


If you require tow truck services, there are some things you can do to ensure you stay safe while waiting for assistance. A car at the side of the road is at risk for accidents, and guidelines that you would normally follow to ensure the safety of your car, yourself, and your possessions shouldn't be forgotten.   The following tips should help you stay safe as you wait for emergency roadside assistance.

20 July 2021

How To Book A Car Rental For A Video Shoot


A video shoot is all about selling a lifestyle or an artistic vision. In doing this, there's nothing wrong with providing a little bit of Hollywood magic. Nice cars are a sign of luxury, which makes them a favorite to include in videos and film projects of all types. When you need to secure one of these vehicles, you will need to figure out what you'd like so that you can book a rental for your shoot.

14 April 2021