3 Ways For A Tow Truck Operator To Use Self-Loading Auto Dollies


When you operate a tow truck, you can tow all sorts of vehicles for drivers who need your help. There may be times, however, that a vehicle's owner doesn't want your help — and that's when you're partnering with a bank or a financing company to repossess a vehicle. When you have plans to tow a vehicle that you're repossessing, you should have plans for what to do if you can't get the tow truck backed up to the front or back of the vehicle. A big asset in this situation is a set of four self-loading auto dollies, which you attach to the vehicle's tires to lift it. You can then push the vehicle into a spot that you can access with your tow truck and hook it up. Here are three scenarios in which you'll find yourself needing these devices.

1. When A Vehicle Is Parallel Parked

When you're a tow truck operator looking for a vehicle that you're repossessing, it's bittersweet to find the vehicle parallel parked. On one hand, you've tracked down the vehicle — but, on the other hand, you can't tow it when there are vehicles parked in front of it and behind it. This is a perfect opportunity to use your auto dollies. You can place one under each tire, gently slide the vehicle out away from the curb and the other vehicles, and then hook it up to your tow truck.

2. When A Vehicle Is In Tight Quarters

Often, drivers who anticipate getting a visit from you will attempt to make their vehicles difficult to tow. A driver may take the vehicle and park it awkwardly in the yard, for example, in a spot where you might not be able to access with your tow truck. This inscrutable strategy is no match for you and your auto dollies. You can set each of them up and then push the vehicle out to wherever you need it to be so that you can easily hook it up to your tow truck.

3. When A Vehicle Has Flat Tires

Sometimes, if you're attempting to repossess a vehicle, it may be in a state of neglect. One issue that you could encounter is multiple flat tires on the vehicle — perhaps even flattened intentionally with the belief that flat tires will make it difficult for you to tow the vehicle. You can get around this situation by using your self-loading auto dollies to get the vehicle where you need it and then call a flatbed truck from your fleet that can drag the vehicle onto its bed and tow away.

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18 July 2018

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