Three Things That You Shouldn't Do When The Bank Is Trying To Repossess Your Car


No one likes the feeling of falling behind on a car payment and getting a notification that the bank is going to repossess the vehicle unless you can make an immediate payment. Ideally, you'll have the funds to do so or be able to borrow whatever money you need. However, not everyone may find himself or herself in this position, and this can leave you facing the reality that your vehicle may soon get towed away. There are several things that you should avoid doing when you're facing a vehicle repossession, including these three things.

Ignore The Warnings

You don't have to worry about being surprised about seeing a tow truck in your driveway and having the operator tell you that the bank is repossessing your vehicle. You'll always get a series of warnings before this step of the process takes place. Frequently, banks will send written notices that let you know that you're behind in your payments and that repossession could be possible in the future. Should you ignore these warnings, you'll likely get phone calls from the bank. It's a bad idea to ignore these warnings; doing so won't make them go away nor will doing so help your standing with the bank.

Attempt To Hide The Vehicle

Many people who are worried about a tow truck operator arriving to repossess their vehicle will attempt to make doing so difficult. For example, you might park the vehicle in the garage and keep it locked, hide it under a tarp in your backyard, or block it into your driveway with neighbors' vehicles. Attempting to hide the vehicle to prevent it from being towed is visually evident in many cases, and the tow truck driver will report this situation back to the bank if he or she cannot tow the vehicle. This will further create acrimony between you and the bank.

Interfere With The Tow Truck Operator

It's a natural instinct for many people to rush outside when they realize that a tow truck is starting to tow their vehicle. While you might be frustrated and embarrassed by this scenario, you should avoid interfering. Getting in the way of the tow truck or even physically attempting to deter him or her from getting the job done can lead to further issues. For example, if the confrontation escalates in a physical manner, the tow truck driver could call the police — leaving you with the potential of being charged. When you hear that your vehicle is facing repossession, it's best to do all that you can to prevent it. But, when the tow truck arrives, you need to let the operator do his or her job.

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23 July 2018

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