4 Less Common Services Tow Truck Drivers Offer


When you think of towing services, you typically think of a car broken down on the side of a highway. However, towing services offer a number of other services aside from roadside assistance that you may not even be aware of, from transporting heavy machinery to performing forensic recovery.

1. Heavy Machinery Transportation

There are several industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and even the military, that require the transportation of large pieces of equipment and machinery from one site to the next. After all, you can't drive a crane down the interstate. An automobile manufacturer often requires that several vehicles be delivered to a dealership at one time, and a towing service can perform this service so that the manufacturer doesn't have to worry about any mileage being put on the cars.

2. Show Car Towing

If you own a prized collector vehicle, you don't want to risk damaging it or put unnecessary miles on it by driving it on the highway, but the car has to get to the car show somehow, right? Well, this is where a towing service can come in. A tow truck driver can safely transport your expensive, exotic vehicle to a car show without damaging it. This provides you with the peace of mind that your vehicle gets where it needs to be fully intact.

3. Forensic Recovery

It isn't uncommon for vehicle accidents to be directly associated with crimes. When this occurs, certain measures must be taken so that evidence can be preserved. If a vehicle is tampered with, it can keep the police from properly conducting their investigation. A qualified tow truck driver can ensure that the automobile is not damaged in any way, no one enters the vehicle, and no one touches the vehicle throughout the forensic recovery process. This way, the evidence remains intact as the automobile is transferred to a crime lab for processing.

4. Off-Road Recovery

While the standard vehicle recovery job is picking up a car off the side of the highway, not all towing jobs are this simple. In fact, there are instances when tow truck operators have to drive off the beaten path to recover a vehicle. This is where an off-road recovery towing service would come in. Off-road towing services have specially modified tow trucks that are designed to go off-road and can get your vehicle out of the mud quickly and efficiently.

Not all towing companies offer the above-mentioned services, so when you need a specialized towing service, make sure to ask if it is offered before you assume it is. Learn more by visiting sites such as http://www.blueeagletowing.com.


25 July 2018

Tips For Towing: Understanding How Your Car Affects It

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