4 Tips To Help Boost Your Car's Performance In Cold Weather


As the cold weather begins, you may notice that it hampers your car's performance. It may be something as simple as starting the car in the morning or the engine not idling smoothly when it is extremely cold outside. There are some things that you can do to boost your car's performance over the winter months, such as installing a brand-new battery. Here are some tips that will help you boost your car's performance over the winter months.

1. Battery Replacements to Ensure Your Car Starts All Winter

Having a good battery during cold weather is more important than most people think. Autumn is a good time to change the battery to ensure your car is prepared for cold weather. A new battery that holds a good charge to prevent problems with cold starts and improves the overall performance of your car in temperatures that dip well below the freezing mark.

2. Better Fuel and Fluids to Improve Winter Engine Performance

The fuel and other fluids that you use in your car during the winter months can also be harsh on lubricants like oil and transmission fluid. Having the wrong fluids for cold weather can severely hamper the performance of your car. To ensure good cold weather engine performance, you will want to use a thinner or lighter oil, as well as other lubricants and an antifreeze that protects against extreme cold temperatures.

3. Better Tires to Improve Performance and Handling in Winter Weather

Tires are another important aspect that you will want to consider for your car over the winter months. There are special winter treads that you can have installed during the winter months for better traction. If you do not want to change tires every spring and fall, there is also the option of installing all-weather tires that will work fine for the winter months.

4. Upgrades to Protect Engine and Mechanical Systems from Cold Weather

There are also upgrades and improvements that can be added to protect your car from cold weather. You may want to consider mechanical cold weather gear, such as an engine blanket. Protecting the engine and other parts from exposure to extreme cold can improve performance and prevent damage to your car.

These are some tips that will help you with improvements that help improve your car's performance over the winter months. When your battery dies, and your car will not start, you may need a professional to come out and give you a jumpstart. Check out a website like https://www.bigdtowing.com/ for more information. 


15 October 2018

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