Tow Truck Company


Trying to move a smaller, economy-sized car or a large pickup truck without professional equipment is risky. Calling a friend or neighbor with a truck often causes more issues. There are many things that can go wrong when trying to physically move vehicles that are not properly secured on main roads and busy highways. Damage caused to vehicles that are towed improperly will cause monetary loss on top of the reason why the vehicle was inoperable. Examples include having to replace one or more tires or the transmission. Here are a few ways to work with a tow truck company. 

Keeping property values high is important for both business and residential properties. Vehicles that are no longer running often attract unwanted attention. Local undesirable people often see this as a clue that no one is maintaining the property. The presence of unused vehicles left outside may increase interest by thieves. Nosy neighbors may call the city or county officials to have the vehicles removed if they are an eyesore. Each visit to the property may result in a written warning or a fine that must be paid.  Work with a tow truck company to remove one or multiple cars from a single location. 

Businesses need to keep certain areas around their properties free of debris and parked vehicles. Clearly marked parking areas are not always kept clear for key employees or management. Clearing spaces on days where deliveries from important suppliers are expected is important. Business owners with private parking spaces may need to use a tow truck company when unknown cars are left for multiple days on their premises. 

Reach out to a trusted tow truck company any time there is trouble on the road.  Services for towing are available any time of the day or night, even in rural areas. There are willing tow truck companies who will help with taking one or more vehicles for repair or to another location. Minor problems like flat tires, dead batteries, or opening doors when keys have been left inside may also be offered.  Professional tow truck companies are available to haul larger vehicles upon request. Reach out for immediate help towing lighter loads like cars, trucks, or vans. Help may also be available for heavier loads to move semi-trucks or larger vehicles. Experienced towing professionals have the proper additions to their trucks to decrease the chances of damages occurring during transport. Use these tips when working with a local tow truck company


21 May 2020

Tips For Towing: Understanding How Your Car Affects It

The first time I had to have a vehicle towed, I was confused by why they asked me if the car was two or four-wheel drive. When the tow truck driver showed up, I asked him. He explained the difference in how the two types of vehicles were towed, then started telling me about some of the general best practices for safe towing. That's when I started to research the fundamentals and the tips for successful towing. I built this blog as an opportunity to chronicle everything that I learned, hoping that it will help others understand what type of tow truck they'll need for their vehicle.