How To Book A Car Rental For A Video Shoot


A video shoot is all about selling a lifestyle or an artistic vision. In doing this, there's nothing wrong with providing a little bit of Hollywood magic. Nice cars are a sign of luxury, which makes them a favorite to include in videos and film projects of all types. When you need to secure one of these vehicles, you will need to figure out what you'd like so that you can book a rental for your shoot. The tips in this guide will assist you in finding one of these cars for film shoots.

Why should you consider renting cars for a video shoot?

Whether you're going to drive the car on camera or just use it as a feature piece in your vehicle, a rental gives you the best shot at doing this. Some of these luxury cars cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy, which is not a reasonable price to pay for a single video shoot. Film projects involve call sheets, crafts services, wardrobe and makeup, props, and other pieces that have to come together to provide the end result that you see on the screen. Adding a rental car to your shoot budget will let you keep the costs of the project under control while still creating the magic that you are hoping for.

How can you book a luxury car?

Many rental companies keep their lots filled with luxury vehicles for people like you looking for video props. Because they are used to these projects, they have contracts that are director-friendly, and you can choose whatever kind of make and model you think will be best for your art. Expect to pay rental fees of at least $600 when you need to book a luxury vehicle. Always go for the insurance plan option when booking a car rental for a video shoot, just in case anything happens to it during the course of the project.

You should also have a clear plan for how you intend to use the automobile during your shoot. If you're going to drive the car rather than keeping it stationary, make sure that you have a trained driver that will navigate it safely and also give you beautiful footage that is realistic and that creates the presentation that you are looking for. Keep the vehicle clean so that it also sparkles on the set. 

If you follow these tips, you will find the car rental for your next video shoot. Contact a company like Day Crawler Towing and Film Equipment Rental to learn more.


14 April 2021

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