What Steps Should You Take After Your First Car Breakdown As You Wait For Towing Service?


A first-time car breakdown can be frustrating and traumatizing if you do not know what to do. But through such an experience, you learn how to maneuver the next similar occurrence. So what should you do if you find yourself in such a situation? Who should you call for help? Of course, you will need to call a towing service. But there are several steps to take as you wait for the tow truck to arrive. Read on to learn more. 

Find a Safer Spot and Move the Car There

Your car can break down at the busiest spot on the road, and when that happens, it may cause a major roadblock for the rest of the drivers. So to avoid this, it is crucial to move the vehicle out of the road as you wait for help. 

Unfortunately, it may not be easy moving the car if the damage is severe. In that case, ensure that your hazard lights are on for other drivers to see you. Additionally, it is prudent to put the reflective triangles at strategic spots. Finally, sit in the car while waiting for the tow truck as standing in front, side, or back is unsafe.

Evaluate the Situation

Once you have safely parked the car off the road, it is now time to take a good look at the situation and figure how to get out of it. Some people reach out to their insurance companies, some call their lawyers, and others call for towing services.

Generally, calling a towing company is the best bet since the situation does not involve a collision. They are the only ones who can safely and skillfully haul the car away.

When making the call, you should give your exact location, type of car, obstructions, if any, and details on what might have caused your car to stop working. Letting the towing company know your car model enables them to determine the towing truck to use.

Prepare For Towing

As the towing company comes to your rescue, they should find you adequately prepared. For example, you need to decide if you will ride with the towing team beforehand. You also need to call your preferred repair shop and let them know that you are coming. If other people were in the car, figure out how they will safely reach their destinations.

If this is your first time experiencing a car breakdown, the above instructions will safely get you out of the situation. But more importantly, ensure that you partner with a reliable towing company to remedy such situations quickly.


3 January 2022

Tips For Towing: Understanding How Your Car Affects It

The first time I had to have a vehicle towed, I was confused by why they asked me if the car was two or four-wheel drive. When the tow truck driver showed up, I asked him. He explained the difference in how the two types of vehicles were towed, then started telling me about some of the general best practices for safe towing. That's when I started to research the fundamentals and the tips for successful towing. I built this blog as an opportunity to chronicle everything that I learned, hoping that it will help others understand what type of tow truck they'll need for their vehicle.